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break the fourth wall

Basically: A writer codes and writes about a fictional place, as you do. The primary focus is on the city of Solactris, but you get information about the world at large through that. It's an advanced magitech (magic+technology) place with a focus on alchemistry (alchemy+chemistry) and runewrighting/runecrafting (self-explanatory). The footnotes (the little stars or numbers following a word) break the fourth wall occasionally in terms of giving you the maximum amount of information. Also completely free of Javascript, because while I want to learn Javascript I find I can do everything I want to do with just plain old HTML. I'm very proud of my footnotes.

Maybe eventually I'll do more with this.


Background is Alchemy by Anton Repponen from The Pattern Library. Yeah, the background inspired this entire thing.
Interactive Period Table at Code Drome
title 1 seaweed script
title 2 fredricka the great
body cormorant garamond