the city in the sun

Solactris(1)(1) The real-world basis for 'solactris' comes from the Latin for sun, 'sol', and the latin for scar, 'cicatrix'. is a shining beacon of marble and gold, populated by alchemistrists. Founded by Perseneon Mooncaller, the founder of alchemistral crafts, it exists as a monument to possibility. Those who live in Solactris are engineers and entrepreneurs, seeking greater heights of knowledge and discovery. The city is a cutting-edge monument of magitech, a seamless fusion of magic and science. Where alchemy is the search to turn pure elements into other pure elements and chemistry is the study of these elements, alchemistry combines the two in an art form greater than either one could be alone. That is: alchemy tries to turn lead into gold via magic. Alchemistry turns lead into gold via a complex mixture of nuclear fission and fusion before siphoning the excess and dangerous energy into other forms.

Alchemy, chemistry, and alchemistry are all dangerous arts, however, and Solactris requires its alchemistrists to be properly licensed and set up at laboratories that are made to handle the dangers of such power. Many power-hungry people try to pursue alchemistry, but without proper care they end up killing themselves - and often many people within a radius of up to one hundred kilometers.