Alchemistry(1)(1) Derived from 'alchemy' and 'chemistry' combined. is the art of turning one thing into another thing. Inspired by both chemistry(2)(2) The science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. and alchemy(3)(3) A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity. as one might guess from the name, alchemistry takes both aspects and combines them into something more powerful and effective than either process alone.

All alchemistrists in Solactris must be properly licensed, and they can only practice in official laboratories. That is because, when alchemistry goes wrong, it can decimate life and structures within an average of 80 (eighty) kilometers(4)Approximately 50 (fifty) miles, the estimated distance to be safe from the meltdown of a nuclear reactor.. The labs within Solactris are created to limit fallout to the room they're in with powerful magitech(5)(5) Compound word of 'magic' and 'technology', indicating something that is a fusion of both.. The experimentor and any others they may have will die and the lab will be destroyed, but it is considerably less disasterous than without such barriers and limits.

Beyond serving the purpose of general protections, Solactris's Alchemicistral Laboratories are also fitted to transform radiation and excess energy into energy that can be used for the entire city. Solactris has such an excess of energy, in fact, that they often sell this excess energy. Thanks to Solactris, the world has been plunged into an age of unprecented scientific, technologic, and magical discovery and use. Every home has electricity; every individual has access to advanced technology.

so what is it?

An alchemist's primary service is in the creation of potions. These sometimes-magical, sometimes-mundane liquids provide boosts to the senses, heal broken bones in minutes instead of weeks, change one's physiology temporary, and many other effects. However, before alchemistry - even before chemistry - an alchemist would search for a method to turn lead into gold. Alchemistry is that method.

A chemist studies the chemical makeup of the world. They can turn iron into steel with the help of another element, form and defend against acids, create life-saving medication from an individual's basic biology, and help create basic defenses against radiation. A chemist's most powerful tool is nuclear fusion or nuclear fission, but to do either takes a lot of energy to the point it was considered impossible for years. Alchemistry makes this much easier.

An alchemestrist combines the chemist's knowledge of the periodic elements with the alchemist's ability to utelize magical methods to form something entirely different. Using a series of nuclear reactions - fissions and fusions - they transform lead into gold. Alchemistry is more dangerous than either of its component parts, but far more powerful as well.

Despite how it might seem, alchemistry is not a replacement for alchemy or chemistry. It serves its own purpose in allowing for a massive amount of energy and creating some of the most useful materials known to anyone, but it cannot do what its component parts do. However, any alchemistrist in Solactris can serve as both a basic alchemist or chemist due to the extensive schooling.

how does it work?

An alchemestrist requires training in both alchemy and chemistry before they can begin their training into alchemistry. One must have both component pieces of knowledge to access this final piece of the puzzle. Alchemistry taps into the basic building blocks of the universe - smaller and deeper than the pure elements from the periodic table(6)(6) The world that Solactris exists in has not yet discovered atoms, but it does refer to them as 'pure elements from the periodic table' (as opposed to the pure elements of earth/water/fire/air). Here, it refers to protons/neutrons/electrons and quarks. Yup, alchemistry messes with both the building blocks of atoms, and the building blocks of those building blocks. - and studies things that are invisible to the naked eye. Even those with the best ability to see fail to see what alchemistry taps into, but it is possible to feel this energy and to use it despite the lack of visibility.

Fission and fusion, for example, changes the weight and makeup of an pure element from the periodic table. Through specialized devices that can filter out the air and ambiant magic, creating a vacuum in which only the pure element remains,